CDR: Abgurd Subdivision AB-04 [2005]
Ltd x 35

Or suffer
M Reflective
Freon Stream
Send Signal
Desperation Principle
Behind This

i5067,70 first came to my attention when he appeared on the (…why haven’t you fucking bought it yet….) "Extreme Music from Russia" release on the Susan Lawly record label. According to the information booklet he was a St Petersburg artist who died in a car accident in 2003. As there’s not one iota of information enclosed with this release you would have to assume that "Degeneration Principle" is one of his last recordings before his untimely demise.

Housed inside an original 8 inch floppy disc, which may be a valid statement on current Russian technology, and tied up with string, which needs cutting to access the disc, this release is limited to only 35 copies. Perhaps the label ran out of floppies. Who knows. What is known is that i5067,70 loved extreme noise. Which is why after all he appeared in that compilation.

Although throughout the 7 tracks there is an overwhelming desire to scramble the brain with a brutality of ear shattering shards of noise the music is ingeniously toned right down in parts transforming some of the pieces into calming dark ambience. The music rises and falls and ebbs and flows with sudden unexpected fluctuations of noise levels compounding the confusion experienced by the listener. Because there are no vocals or samples involved to act as a catalyst or diversion to the music the resolve to stay with the pieces diminishes slightly. Which is a great pity because there’s much to admire in there if you can stay the course. Put bluntly…which is the way it should be…

"Degeneration Principle" doesn’t offer anything new to extreme electronic music. By no means an essential purchase, but by the same token not totally disposable as there is enough on there to warrant investigation. Limiting it to just a few copies will make it a cult collectable by those heavily into the noise genre and as such will garner plaudits for its release.


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