CD: Spectre S21 [2005]

Enter The Battleground
You Scum!
Don't Die In Vein
Something's Not Right
The Betrayal
Street Wisdom
Incredibly Aggressive
The Invasion
Killed By A Machine
The Last Decision
Just Watch The G.O.D. Once Again
The Revenger (Epileptic Stain D&B Mix)
Final Exit From The Battleground (Spoken Word)

Hypnoskull is the one-man Belgian project of Patrick Stevens (who also records under the moniker of Sona Eact®). With appearances on such revered labels as Ant-Zen and Hymen - and now Spectre from his hometown of Antwerp - Hypnoskull has carved out a very solid niche for himself.

When I first heard Hypnoskull on the "Industrial Frequences" series, I was blown away. I must say I wasn't a fan of the "Operation Tough Guy!" sound of Hypnoskull. It reminded me a bit too much of Alec Empire/ATR, who in themselves aren't so bad, but are a little bit too commercial for my taste. With "G.O.D." I can happily announce that the old-skool Hypnoskull is back with a vengeance! If you want the best rhythmic noise album of the last 12 months in your stereo, then look no further. Bouncy, funky, repetitive rhythms with attitude and extremely successful use of samples make this an unmissable album. There's also the odd breakcore/gabber track and even a little hardcore thrown in for good measure. An extremely successful mix of styles is evident throughout.

I love the sinister use of samples in 'Enter The Battleground' ("I am the executioner of music - the abuser of good taste...") and 'Final Exit From The Battleground'- in fact most of the samples here are seriously fucked up. I'm rubbish at placing film samples, so I won't even attempt it. I'm sure you'll have fun trying this yourself. I'm reminded of Black Lung in places, Sonar or Converter in others; and If this floats your boat too, get "G.O.D." now!


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