7": Drone Records DR-70 [2004]
Ltd x 300

Ether Rider

Having not heard of this group, Hum are billed as being a new project spawned from the Russian underground experimental scene, of which has emerged to decent recognition over the last couple of years.

Side A encompasses the title track, consisting of a multi layered composition that edges forward in a mid paced and mild toned way. There is not a great deal of lateral movement to the main elements, rather there act as the focal point, where underlying textural aspects combine to add further interest.

On the flip side, track 2 arrives in the form of the piece 'Crucible'. Starting with a low static & rhythmic loop, this acts as springboard for other tensile looping drones to build with measured intensity, thus enabling the piece to be pushed into spheres of increase tension & volume.

To sum up, although 'Ether Rider' is a decent track, 'Crucible' hits its mark dead center. Nice.


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