CD: Parasomnic PSRD003 [2004]

Marisa Relay
Lakeshore Skycue
Ghost From Third Grade
A Day Like No Other
From An Old Horizon
Mary Red Majorette
Defense West Of Town
Dark Is Only Hours Away
Out Among The Night
Haven Of Rest

Hollydrift is the recording moniker of the artist Mathias Anderson. A genius and a true star with a magicians touch. He’s Harry fuckin’ Potter but without the face you want to smash a broken bottle into. By taking exotic sound and voice samples and merging them with simple electronics he waves his magic wand, ‘Izzy Wizzy let’s get busy Sooty fans’, and produces a kaleidoscope of sound collages that are breathtaking in their scope and production.

The merging of various styles of musical form isn’t anything new, and I’ve heard some pathetic attempts in my lifetime, but never have I heard a more accomplished piece of work that actually succeeds in the way that "Waiting for the Tiller" manages. From cut & paste techniques through every ambient genre conceivable to the wackiness of the experimental & avant garde Hollydrift dissects then reconstructs his sounds into music that will, quite literally, take your breath away. Drifting between light and dark sensations this can only be described as musical manna from heaven. The promotional material that accompanied this release stated that the music would appeal to fans of Coil, NNW, Lustmord, Merzbow, Rapoon, Scanner, Wilt and Raison D’etre. I would agree, apart from Merzbow as the music isn’t harsh enough to warrant such comparison, as there are elements of all these artists in "Waiting for the Tiller" but what strikes me most is the individualism of the piece. Hollydrift has surpassed all my expectations and is worthy of your investigation.

As a footnote: Mathias name-checks and thanks God in the inner sleeve of the CD. I’ll thank God in return for the originality, so rarely seen nowadays, in the music of Hollydrift.


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