CD: Dark Vinyl DV46 [2004]


Death is inevitable. You can’t cheat it or hide away from it. Eventually it will happen to us all. If we’re lucky the end will be painless. If the dice degree otherwise … you get the picture. For the majority of us all we will leave behind to show for our existence on this planet will be the fading memories bequeathed to our loved ones…and probably a lot of debt. Musicians are lucky. When they die they leave behind a body of work that will still mesmerise and astound those who can appreciate their art hundreds of years into the future.

Thorn Hoedh is one such artist. Sadly passing away in 2003 "Universum" is a testament to his relentless talent and will seal his place at the side amongst the Gods. Over 10 beautifully textured and realised tracks of ambient soundscapes his vision shines forth like a floodlight bathing a field at night. The music contained within the cd brings out so many emotions. Melancholy and sadness. Despair and depression. Joy and euphoria. Hope and love. Love of life. Love of music. Love for his fellow man. This is music to bathe in. It makes you want to clutch it tightly and try and decipher every last fleeting note. To regal in its simple beauty is something everyone should experience.

A master class of musicianship that is a fitting epitaph to Thorn Hoedh. His memory will live on forever.


[Dark Vinyl]

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