CD: Dark Vinyl DV48 [2004]

Place Une: Phénixologie
Place Deux: La Science de L'Âme
Place Trois: Hibiscus (Cette Fleur Morte)
Place Quatre: La Clef des Songes
Place Cinq: Miroirs
Place Six: La Peine de Vivre

THaving a fairly expansive CD collection is nice. It’s something I’m rather proud of. Looking at the row upon row of music all lined up reminds me just what great taste I have and how much pleasure over the years I’ve derived from it. But there’s a downside to so many CDs piled on high. I’ve lost track of groups / artists because there’s just too much to choose from and not enough time to listen to them all. That’s why I like to buy new releases by these people as it gives me a chance to once again replay all their previous recordings and revaluate my thoughts on them.

HDG are one such group that I had long forgotten about. Shame on me. I decided to play their first two CD releases before tackling "Eurydice". Hearing again "Reverse Aleph" and "Die Schlangenkonigin" (both on the Hau Ruck label) brought the memories flowing back. Back to when I thought that here was a band that were capable of releasing surprising and beautiful music that was so hard to pin down into any one genre. My fondness for the group was rekindled with a vigour hitherto unknown and my guilt was eradicated from my system. "Eurydice" is a further expansion of the vision of HDG. Going into drone music territory the six tracks presented on the CD represent the meditative side to HDG. Here waves of electronic looped sound slowly build up and recede to be replaced by further tranquil sounds. The sea slowly erodes pebbles on a beach on a distant foreign isle. Little fragments of stars pulse and dim within the flickering of an eye. The cold fusion of a breath expelled in a frosty December morn. All images invoked by the music. Immersing in the compelling music reminded me that you didn’t need flash effects or over produced and processed manipulated sounds to stir the emotions.

HDG have altered and changed their style dramatically but without compromising their integrity and "‘Eurydice" is testimony to their abundant talent.


[His Divine Grace] / [Dark Vinyl]

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