CD: Triumvirate

Lacus Somniorum Sinus Aestuum (Lakes and Bays of the Moon)
Rim Of The Sun
The Oort Cloud
Chandrasekhar Limit (Singularity)

If Salvador Dali had been a musician instead of a painter he probably would have sounded something like Heath Yonaites. "Rim of the Sun" is a journey over 4 tracks of abstract, formless, liquid experimental soundscapes that are as engaging as they are confusing. Stopping and starting radio wave glitches over hushed atmospherics demand a certain commitment from the listener to try and understand what Heath Yonaites is trying to ultimately achieve. Voices, which are muffled and distorted, appear then disappear within the blink of an eye whilst a rolling sonic rumbling takes form and abates before renewing itself as something completely different. This is by no means a 'normal' record, which is fine by me, as I have a great disregard for anything even resembling normality. Music in which you only get out as much as you are willing to preserver putting in deserves a certain respect and so I salute you Heath Yonaites. Salvador would have been so proud of you.


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