CD: War Office Propaganda WOP 21 [2006]

I Call Her Cloudgirl
Before Evening
Strange Evening Glow
13 Years Of Memory
Night's Gown
Corpse Candle
Shadow March
White Clouds
Drowsy Stare

The dark neo-folk American Thompkins twain deliver their latest album to feature on the War Office Propaganda label’s grim soiree’s.

"Night’s Glow" emerges deadened, like something clawing through earth to wan glow of the moon under a dark welkin. Swirling synths attempt to imitate melody, but really they are what they are, supernatural coils, filaments of evanescence bunched amidst pulsing rhythm; low-fi sounds that are only dimly tethered to a terrestrial realm. Percussion and the vocals of both Thompkins are for the most part the prominent orchestration throughout the album, both spill reverb like fog to drench all tracks in haunting presence. Hilary Stout features as the only guest vocalist, or guest musician for that matter, in the glamour of ‘Strange Evening Glow’, a dark and moving song. The fraying cadence of bells tints the reverberating emptiness in some of these languid tracks that drip motes of melancholy. Not all tracks are oneiric spirits, though it takes until the fifth track, before the nebulous veils are lifted to an electronic gothic ritual and the banquet of folk guitar that is ‘Corpse Candle’, which unseals the fluent virtuosity and beaded arpeggios of Jason Thompkins from thereon in. As a follow up to their last album, "Night’s Chorus", "Night’s Glow" is definitely a step forward into cementing the spectrum of style Harvest Rain have been developing and the quality of the tracks is of a much higher mien.

The album is presented in a simple digipak with the nicely added touch of a Tor Lundvall painting within, but is sparse on liner notes.


[Harvest Rain] / [War Office Propaganda]

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