CD: Aural Hypnox AH03 [2004]

aLASpäIn Syon

This is the second full length release by Halo Manash on the Aural Hypnox label and is quite different to the previous one. There is a tend towards dark ambient with this release although there is still a strong link to drone with continued use of guitar generated soundscape and vocal effect.

The first track 'putoUSVA' has a dark ambient opening generated using a combination of guitar and synthesized soundscapes. The track develops with a drone-type rhythm but it evolves into something a lot more industrial 'usvalSuusiuTUVA' leads seamlessly from track 1. Melody here develops at a drone-like pace using Troum-esque E-bowed guitar. There is some good use of vocal effect here and some nice subterranean oscillations that, although subtle, seriously challenged a very large set of speakers! The beat picks up along with the pace of the evolving guitar based melody. 'aLASpäln Syon' starts with a grating industrial soundscape. This develops into a very percussive orientated track with extensive cymbals and bell work. 'Etä-etsijä' leads directly from the previous percussive track using the same cymbals and bell work. This is a darker track with a creepy vocal and guitar effect and soundscape. A strong percussion rhythm develops and continues till the end of the track where it subsides to a more sedate percussion. 'irTAUTumlnensin' starts with a drone soundscape that develops quickly into dark ambient. It uses the same nice low frequency oscillations to generate a sense of underlying drone with additional mid and high frequency effects added. 'siLvOINnokkaAstiEtoa' shows the return of the strong rhythm (almost tribal) with guitar soundscapes over the top (almost like Maeror Tri colliding with John Bonham on a dark night). This quickly subsides and leads into the next track 'LOi muUTOS'. There is interesting use of some sort of primitive percussion device along with some sort of wind instrument. This again makes for a very creepy sound. Rhythm slowly develops over the dark ambient soundscape into the next track 'SYoMA'. This carries off where track 7 stops with strong tribal rhythm. It is significantly heavier than previous tracks with strong drone under-currents and dark ambient melody mixed with tribal percussion. There is an increased sense of tension during this track, which subsides for a brief moment with the loss of the rhythm. It soon returns and with it the dark and sustained drone soundscape. A great track.


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