CDR: Some Place Else SPECDR06037 [2006]

Bython et Silentium
Nam Serpentem Magnificant
Huius Perversitatis Doctrina

Much as I hate to say this, but I've taken a bit of a shine to Mr Skorpio over these past couple of months. The music I've reviewed of his has left its mark on me in ways I never thought possible. A man whose fervent musical imagination seemingly knows no bounds. Does this constitute as ass kissing? I hope not. But if it does then so be it. I like Niko. And so will you after hearing this latest project of his.

Although this is not his alone. For Haeretici 7o74 is the combined talents of Niko and Ovro caught live in Tampere Finland in January of this year (that's 2006 in case you've forgotten). Ovro is an unknown quantity. Although she's released a couple of things to some critical acclaim, I'm totally in the dark over her music. She's a nice looking lass though. If that deems me a sexist then so be it. I am only speaking what I see after all. "Hæretici, Schismatici, Excommunicati" is the first release, on CDR, under this name for the duo. The future looks exceedingly bright if this is the standard of work they intend to keep putting out. Featuring three tracks, with a running time of just under 25 minutes, the music is set to a ritual / drone / trance / noise / dark ambient feel with frantic rhythmic and experimental overtones. Not forgetting the faint oriental and quasi religious elements that are also introduced and present. Thus the title of "Hæretici, Schismatici, Excommunicati" is explained. Or is it? Because trying to tie down the music is near impossible. It flies in different tangents and yet merges into an organic whole. With some recordings this stance is not without its problems. Alienation and indifference coming heavily into play. Not so here. The artists are astute enough to play to their strengths and keep the music continually evolving and engaging. Playing live has given the artists a freedom to explore these different musical avenues whilst interacting with the surroundings and the vibes from the audience. The performance an intimate experience for all concerned.

"Hæretici, Schismatici, Excommunicati" is a great release. Considering it was recorded live with no apparent overdubs makes it even greater still. Slightly dark in overtone, it must be said, but that shouldn‚t put you off. In fact this pervading sense of "something not quite right" works in its favour as it creates a recording richly textured and brimming with atmospheres. Although the stated intent of the artists is to keep recording live it would be interesting to hear what they could produce in the studio. I suspect the results would be dynamically mind-blowing if "Hæretici, Schismatici, Excommunicati" is anything to go by.


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