CD: Cyclic Law 7th Cycle [2004]
Ltd x 500

Eta Carinae
Dead Transmissions
Journey to Orion
Worlds of a Distant Sun
The Cygnus Loop
Descending into the Silent Depths

Space. The final frontier. Or so it was for the adventures of the Starship Enterprise and the homoerotic relationship between Spock and Captain Kirk. Let’s not forget the other crew members…whoever they were again. Space. A shitload of music has been composed about space. Some good. Some bad. Some very fucking bad. Modern technology has made it easier for musicians to try and bring the sounds of space smack bang into the living room. Some of this has been very successful. Some not.

Gustaf Hildebrand falls into the first category. Thankfully not the latter. "Starscape" is 6 tracks of…for want of better words…space ambient music. You know the sort of thing. Drifting electronic textures and submerged radio messages and bleeps and huge explosions and…everything else associated with this type of music. Very nice it is to. Very…relaxing. Nothing outstanding mind. Just a perfect example of this type of music. The conveyance of the desolation and vastness of space has been perfectly realised here. For that we should give thanks. Thanks Gustaf Hildebrand.

It’s music Jim but not as we know it. Well said Spock. I whole heartily agree with your accurate and definitive summation.


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