CD: Eibon Records GRU052 [2005]

The tireless slog of the infirm
The redundancy of procreation
Dissecting the ceremonial tongue
Architectural scarecrows and the ashes of effigies
The fraternal order of hypocrites and zealots
Where the fearful eat their young
The beasts that perished
A blight between the weeds
Our rituals inform disease
The sour call of the gallows birds

I’ve lost count of how many releases Scott Candey, or Eye as he’s known in some circles, has recorded under the name of Gruntsplatter. Quite a lot if you include all the split releases I would imagine. He doesn’t make things easier for himself, or people showing an interest in his work, by continually changing record labels with nearly every new release. Maybe he could set up his own website to chronicle them all. Not a bad idea if I say so myself. Anyway here’s his latest outpouring of desolate dark ambient soundscapes for you to enjoy.

Released on the Eibon record label (which has a nice back catalogue of releases worth checking out), "The Eulogists Assembly" is another journey into the netherworld of experimental frequencies and dense electronics all wrapped up in the glossy black sheen for which he’s so renowned. No-one quite does atmosphere like this man. The sounds are built upon layer by careful layer giving the music an almost impenetrable quality yet still allowing each separate factor the chance to shine through the wall of barren furore. Hidden indistinguishable voices seem to reach out through the shrill vibrations that abound then fade quickly from whence they came. Swirling patterns grow in tempo and structure before being swallowed in a maelstrom of palpitating static waves. Quite refrains are pummelled relentlessly until only the faintest memory of their existence remains. There’s a slight Industrial vibe mixed in with the evil intent of the music to corrupt and pollute the innocent. Utter pretentious bollocks of course. Not the music… but my description of the music. It’s a black ambient recording for fucks sake!!

"The Eulogists Assembly" is an exemplary, call it fucking magical instead which is better, piece of stygian ambient music that strays closely to the boundaries of noise electronics without fully crossing that great divide. What more do you need to know? Perfectly realised and composed it should grace everyone’s record collection which is praise enough.

If you’ve never heard the music of Gruntsplatter (maybe the name put you off) then "The Eulogists Assembly" is the ideal starting point for you to become acquainted to the monstrous visions that Scott releases.


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