2 x CDR: Zhelezobeton ZHB-IV [2004]

Positive negativism
Grymt sa grisen och sket i spisen
False true - hymn
Du heliga bajs
Mera bajs
Salice in wonderdaim
Taffans aga
Balsa mera vera
Urs med urt
Dadda, dada, pink och spad
Space is an illusion
Fusioning double cluster near perseus
Marskatten [ mp3 ]
Car coroli is far from saiph

En odyssé i bajs - part 1
En odyssé i bajs - part 2
En odyssé i bajs - part 3
En odyssé i bajs - part 4
En odyssé i bajs - part 5 [ mp3 ]
En odyssé i bajs - part 6
En odyssé i bajs - part 7
En odyssé i bajs - part 8
En odyssé i bajs - part 9
Ett svin i lammkostym
Spatial dimension
Another spatial dimension
Staffan stölledräng
1Work-out feat. pigman fonda
Rectum suction
Psychedelic rectoscope

Peter Andersson has long been held in high regard by the musical fraternity and fans worldwide thanks to his many different projects which have included: Stratvm Terror, Raison d’etre, Panzar, Atomine Elektrine and Necophorus to name but a few. For an overview of these works it’s worth seeking out the excellent compilation CD "Perceptions Multiplied, Multiplicity Unified" on the CMI label. One of his lesser known works is that of Grismannen or 'The Pig Man' as it translates into English. "Absolute Bajs" is an overview of this project from 1991 - 2001 and the tracks are taken from many self released tapes and cdrs with a couple from the OEC tape releases and one from the afore mentioned CMI compilation.

The first thing that strikes you about this double CD limited release (only 250 copies available folks) is the packaging. Acting as a warning of what is contained there-in the CDs are housed in a box that requires cutting open to reveal a nice fetching pair of rubber surgical gloves and mouth mask. Anyone want to play perverted doctor and nurses with me? No. Thought as much. It gets weirder believe me. Get over that strange find and stick the CDs on and the music that assails the ears is well fucking strange. Sounding unlike any of his other projects "Absolute Bajs" is a journey into places unknown that will have you laughing one minute and raging the next at the total absurdity of it all. Some tracks sound like a cheesy 1970’s beat driven cops and robbers theme tune. Some tracks remind me of the early German experimental music put out by Der Plan circa "Geri Reig & Normalette Surprise" before they went off tragically the boil. The music is speeded up / slowed down. Voices are distorted beyond all recognition. I swear to God I heard a Smurf laughing somewhere in there. Electronics gurgle and bleep, with added reverb and echo, which fades before rushing once more to the fore. Some tracks just can’t be described so off kilter and childish are they. Others delve into melodic passages that verge on dance floor fodder. Yet it all makes a kind of sense in a freaky way.

These CDs could be one big joke without the requisite punch line. Perhaps that was the whole point all along. It really doesn’t matter in the end. If one track doesn’t do it for you fast forward to the next one. With such a mixed bag of musical styles spread over 40 tracks I’m sure you’ll find something that will make you appreciate the artistry on display. "Absolute Bajs" can either be viewed as the dregs of an artist fucking around or as a serious development in experimental music pushing the boundaries of acceptability. I’ll go for the latter on this one… just. Peter Andersson …you are one fucked up cookie…in the nicest possible way.


[Grismannen] / [Zhelezobeton]

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