CD: Steinklang SKD08 [2005]
Ltd x 500

Western Failure
Agrarian Übermensch
A man of steel
Green-brown Axis rising
Return to Gaia's Womb
Fixing up Phnom Phen
The Green Army Fraction
Great Shiva Ascending
A slaughter of slave sentiments

Are you one of these people concerned about our planet and how we are slowly destroying it? Do you fret as another unnatural disaster strikes killing off the wildlife and fauna? Do you desire to be an eco terrorist but can’t get your fat lazy arse off the couch to fight the fight? Of course you do and are. Join the queue. Well here’s a solution to your worried inactive pathetic self. Buy a copy of "Chlorophyll Flood" and ease that conscious of yours safe in the knowledge that here is an act that speaks for you through the medium of power electronics. Wait a minute. Isn’t power electronics itself a form of noise pollution? Aren’t we against that as well? What a quandary. Fuck it…you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

The boring factual bits. This release, on the Steinklang Industries Distribution label, is a re-mastered CD…with additional bonus tracks…of the original limited to 100 copies CDR by Sweden’s Green Army Fraction. Which is in turn their 7th release to date on CD / CDR. Not counting the numerous compilations the act has also appeared on. You see I have to use the word ‘act’ as I’m not 100% sure if this is a one man project or of a group. Disinformation…the way to screw the system slowly. "Chlorophyll Flood" is a kind of…and I say this cautiously…concept recording about the technological advances that will eventually sound the death knoll for planet Earth put to a grinding white noise ear fucking soundtrack…with obligatory pertinent samples thrown in. Perfect disturbing music for lentil eating Greenies everywhere. The nine tracks offer the usual sort of chaotic disorder associated with power electronics which varies from the crunching extremities of white noise through to a little bit of rhythmic high voltage intolerance. Can’t see the placard carrying faithful using this as a soundtrack to their rallies mind. ‘Save the whale…kill the multinationals…make poverty history…burn all cars and go back to horsepower…turn that shit off!!’. See what I mean. The heart may be in the right place but the medium isn’t the most suitable to get ‘the message’ across. Therefore read into it what you will…if it makes you think all well and good…but personally I don’t give a shit about all the ecological crap. Fuck the planet…lets have sex instead. I do harbour a fondness for stimulating power noise though and Green Army Fraction gave me a much needed fix in that department. You’ll have heard plenty of examples of this genre of music before…we’re not in ‘I’m so knocked for 6 cause I’ve not heard that before’ innovative territory here…but there’s always room for one more at the Inn…no matter how over crowded its become…so with that I welcome this suitably invigorating example gladly into my heart. I’m off to eat at Burger King. Care to join me??


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