CDR: Cohort Records [2005]

Point of Contact
I Hear Voices
Vision Imparied

"A Blow To The Head’ is a three way collaboration between John Gore (Kirchenkampf / The Oratory of Divine Love and Cohort Records), Steve Hall (Yen Pox / Veil of Secrecy) and C Reider of Vuzh Records. Of the three amigos concerned only Steve Hall is known to me through his work with Yen Pox and the absolutely essential Veil of Secrecy…with apologies to Mr Gore & Reider for neglecting any previous works they were involved in. This seven track release on Cohort Records could best be described as trippy dippy dark ambient with a certain experimental mentality behind it. Or psychedelic madhouse ambient. Or even ‘fuck me what the fuck is that’ dark ambient. What is for certain is that it is ambient…just not the type you usually associate with this genre.

For example track two ‘I hear voices’ starts with a piano led piece over a subtle electronic drone before these (for want of better words) spooky voices of the dead appear then disappear to unquiet effect whilst mighty strange electronics pervade the piece. Unsettling is only half the story. Then it moves onto a completely different tact with track three ‘Tramadream’ which is a sloooow building dark drone with electronic effects. This generally is how the recording progresses. Slight changes in style that utilises all forms of electronic droning ambience and effects to present a collage of sounds that totally mesmerises and envelopes the listener. There’s a definite pastoral dreamlike, even nightmarish depending on your frame of mind at the time, quality to the soundscapes that drifts on high forming a base from which escapism from the drudgery of every day life can be attained. "A Blow To The Head" is music to sweetly surrender to completely. Its charms are skilfully craf ted allowing freedom to form your own thoughts and dreams through the sonic pleasures to be found within.

Of course producing such a work isn’t exactly rocket science nor original in any way but its aims have been met superbly as a recording to be replayed and enjoyed whenever the mood takes you. That reason alone justifies checking it out in my book.


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