CDR: Golgatha GOL01 [2005]

Vortex Of Life
Eternal Kali Yuga
The End
Echoes From The Past
Agonia / Invasion
The Clash
Room 101
March And Elegy
Waste Land - Cactus Land

100 copies. Golgatha first came to my attention with their two tracks on the excellent ‘…in the Crystal Cage’ compilation [read here]. 100 copies. "Waste Land" is their first full self released CDR. 100 copies. Housed in a DVD box and comprising of 14 tracks with a running time of 60+ minutes. 100 copies. Each individual CDR is hand-numbered. 100 copies. I have number 32. 100 copies.

Christopher & Alexander D are the driving force behind the group. 100 copies. Aided and supported by Katarina N, Robert K and Lutz R. 100 copies. The instruments they use on the recording are African drums, Japanese gong, acoustic guitar, bamboo flute, Siberian head-voice, violin and drone effects, metal scratching and sound treatments. 100 copies.

"Waste Land" is a recording of mixed styles. 100 copies. Moving from black ambient textures and soundscapes into drone drawn out passages and even flecks of experimental flourishes. 100 copies. Delving into its depths reveals surprises galore. 100 copies. They introduce ritual moments mixed with religious chants and military orchestral styles. 100 copies. They also make use of abundant unusual samples throughout. 100 copies. These samples don’t detract from the music but act as a base from which the soundscapes are steadily built upon and exposed for the ear to appreciate. 100 copies. There is the usual reverb, drone and echo effects so commonly over used in such pieces. 100 copies. But the usage here is perfectly balanced and harmonious. 100 copies. All the components for these differing types of music has been adhered to but, most importantly, also enriched upon. 100 copies. So there is a great variety and scope to be found within. 100 copies. These sounds have been sculptured and moulded to electrifying effect. 100 copies. It is without doubt a magical and dazzling debut. 100 copies.

With a plethora of music to gorge upon. 100 copies. But it’s oh so limited. 100 copies…100 reasons to buy this…100 tears of joy from the lucky few.



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