MCD: Ikonen Media [2006]

Icarus Rising I (feat. Herbst9)
Icarus (feat. Ildiko)
Icarus Falling (feat. Herbst9)
Icarus' Law
Icarus Rising II (mixed by Herbst9)
Icarus - Original Acoustic Mix (feat. Patrick Leagas)

The CDR release of the first Golgatha release pissed me off big time as they saw fit to only release 100 copies. A wasted opportunity on their part as ‘Wasteland’ was pretty special in many ways. They have since released a full CD on the Athanor record label titled "Kydos"’…which I haven’t yet heard…and on which the track ‘Icarus’ originally appeared.

This MCD, released by Ikonen Media, features 6 tracks over which the myth of Icarus is fully explored with 2 different versions of the original track and 3 collaborations with Herbst9. In Greek mythology Daedalus and his son Icarus were imprisoned by King Minos and to escape their jail they manufactured wings of feathers and wax and flew away to freedom. Unfortunately Icarus ignored his father and flew too close to the sun where the wax melted and he plummeted to his death in the sea below. Daedalus managed to reach land and dedicated a temple to the Gods.

The music that German act Golgatha uses to retell this tale is through some neofolk style songs and suitable ambient soundscapes…not surprising with Herbst9 also involved. What is surprising is just how many differing musical genres Golgatha have so far covered in their short career. They seamlessly mix neo classical / folk with martial / ambient / experimental music and here are on top form. The three songs are beautifully rendered and spoken / sung by Christoph D and Patrick Leagas with additional female vocals provided by Ildiko. Christoph D reminding me of the mighty Death in June in his delivery with his singing. The three ambient tracks add the essential atmospheres of floating in the winds with the blazing sun beating down and the aftermath of the folly of youth. The music complimenting the songs perfectly.

"Icarus" came as a bit of a surprise, albeit exceedingly pleasant, because I don’t normally get involved emotionally where neofolk style songs are concerned. Great to play in the background but that’s usually my limit. Here though I clung to every word
, savouring the word play, and forming the story in my mind. Not many recordings affect me that way.

Golgatha’s time has come and "Icarus" is as good an introduction to their music you’ll find. After hearing it you, like me, will end up trying to locate the Athanor release to see what other musical delights / highlights they have in store.


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