CD: Cold Spring CSR65CD [2006]
Ltd x 1000

Goatlord Rising
Realms Of The Goatvargr
Droning Hades
Beyond The Quorthonian Realms
Drunk On The Blood Of The Goat

Goatvargr features the combined talents of Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk and A O’Sullivan. HNB, as any regulars to this site will know, is one of my all time favourite artists. Fan worship doesn’t begin to describe my obsession with the bearded (last time I looked) wunderkid. Anyone else out there got his Sleep Therapy box set? Thought as much. This great Swedish genius has repeatedly blown my mind through his Folkstorm, MZ412, HH9, Econocon, Muskel, Incinerator International, L/A/B, Toroidh, Nordvargr / Drakh, Merzbow Vs Nordvargr projects - not forgetting his own solo releases. That is some résumé. But this is a dual release, least we forget, and A O’Sullivan, although sadly never featured in AP before, has also a fine musical heritage behind him. The more inquisitive amongst you should check out the Goat "The book of Revelations" release and the split with Steel Hook Prostheses "‘Bloodletting the altar of lies" as proof of his raw prowess. Both come highly recommended.

This seven tracked, limited to 1000 copies, release in a pitch black digipak is a collaboration of the best kind. Working with each others source material they have sculpted a titanic brutal aural assault to the senses steeped in diabolic mysticism. An unrelenting, almost unbearable at times, nerve shredding piece of work that encapsulates everything that power noise addicts could ever desire. Monumental - in the truest sense of the word - earth shattering electronics gone berserk. Seemingly out of control, but firmly reigned by their skilled hands, this is the sound of madness and rage let free to roam and destroy. The mind left raped, shattered and mutilated by the unstoppable onslaught. Frantic maniacal beats occasionally break up the hell spawned cacophony, the rarely included distorted vocals adding to the darkest fiery atmospheres, and the lulls before the storm (teasing lulls that promise respite but end up never being granted), all add up to a recording that is, without doubt, a magnificent tour de force within the power electronics genre. Could it ever be anything other with these two horsemen of the apocalypse at the helm.

Power Noise recordings are easy to construct and produce, but so difficult to master. I’ve lost count of the CDs within my collection, and sent in for review, that have failed to ignite me in any way. In talent free hands they become dull and unimaginative affairs devoid of any flair and musicianship. Boring and patience sapping, the general belief being that if it’s loud enough then that alone will suffice. Wrong, wrong and fucking wrong again. Goatvargr shows how it should and can be done. The music within this release elicits feelings of excitement, the purest of adrenaline rushes, and the constant buzz of shock and awe. It’s a head trip that demands constant replaying because you yearn for further involvement with it. Noise has never sounded so right.

Not only should you seek this out immediately (like most Cold Spring releases this will sell out very quickly) but also get the latest Folkstorm release "Folkmusik" at the same time. Both quintessential releases. I know this slightly breaks the reviewing rules, but what the fuck, I’m just a teenage rebel at heart.


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