CD: Autarkeia ACD011 [2005]
Ltd x 299

Rupüs Milttt...
Rupüs Miltai...

Girnu Giesmes has as a project been going since 1995. The work of Laurynas Jukonis from Lithuania…a country currently throwing up some weird and wonderful acts…this sees the third full cd release under this moniker (excluding earlier MC’s) but the first to get reviewed on AP.

Rupas Miltai’ is a limited edition, 299 copies, in a half sized square dvd case. Featuring just 5 tracks, little is more, the music spans beat driven post Industrial noise and scorching black ambience with tribal / ritual touches. For touches read rhythms. The first track ‘Rupppu’ sets things in motion with extravagant hardcore looped electronic beats and crashing percussion over stylish atmospherics that crackle and roar. Track two ‘Rup’ continues on from ‘Rupppu’ but gradually slows everything down to a claustrophobic crawl from the ensuing chaotic chaos that proceeded it. Third track ‘Rupus Milttt’ is heavy on atmosphere. A slow burning drone that traverses the nether regions accompanied with assorted dynamic thrusting effects. Track four ‘Rupus’ rolls along on aggressive electronics and twinkling piano before hitting the buttons marked ‘bleeping reactionary noises’. Track five sees the end of this sonic adventure. Here the music trembles and is subdued…shimmering like moonlight reflecting on a pond. Faint voices can be heard over the disappearing ambience. What has to be remembered is that all these tracks are interlocked and ‘Rupas Miltai’ is really one long, under 37 minutes, piece of, quite frankly, sublime music. The title of the recording has connections to an ancient relic and Lithuanian euphemism and means ‘a higher element of communication’. What that actually means I have no idea but the music did speak to me. It said ‘to know me is to love me’. Words that even I can understand and go along with.

Well I’ve had my eyes opened…or should that be ears. When you get a release like "Rupas Miltai" to review it makes up for all the sub par crap a reviewer sometimes has to endure. When it’s from an act hitherto unknown it makes the discovery that little bit more special. Coupled with this euphoria is a tinge of regret in not having, nor being able to, revisit past Girnu Giesmes releases. All sold out. Isn’t that always the way.

A numerical score of 10 / 10...if we did such crap things on AP…and another gem of a release from the far flung wilds of Lithuania.


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