CDR: Red River Productions [2005]

This is ginger leigh
Here come the trumpets
Immigrant song
Living in a grey world
A song for two marionettes
300 white rabbits

I'm not sure. I'm not sure if Ginger Leigh is a man or a woman. I'm not sure if a computer was used in the production of these tracks. I'm not sure if anything innovative is happening here. I'm not sure that this is noise or industrial. I'm not sure if what i've heard is "experimental". I perform regularly with Persian and Middle Eastern artists doing music that is usually labled "World Music". Among the six tracks on this offering, the tracks 'Immigrant Song', 'This is Ginger Leigh', and 'Two White Rabbits' sound like parodies of "World Music". In fact, most of this CD could be regarded as a parody of so called "World Music". There's nothing wrong with planting the tongue firmly in the cheek and parodising to one's heart's content. I'm just not sure if this is what's been done here.

This CD landed on my desk accompanied by a page full of excerpts from nothing less than stellar reviews of previous Ginger Leigh releases. Good. There are others for whom Ginger Leigh is, as one reviewer put it so well, " artist who can make astonishing and moving music.". For this reviewer, Ginger Leigh should carry on more... gingerly.


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