CDR: Roil Noise 011 [2005]

Perks of a shitty job
Satan was an Acidhead
Under the knofe
Mountain of Pills
Lysergic Slowburn
Brown Foil
Strung Out
Skogar pt 1
Skogar pt 2

Following on from the last self released "Residential Tremors" CDR Mr Ghoul Detail himself, the Soundscape Gardener, has finally found a label willing to distribute his music to a wider audience. Step forward to a round of swift applause…the Roil Noise record label. A label with the acumen to know a good thing when it hears it. Here’s hoping it’s a marriage made in Heaven and not Hell.

I’ve taken a shine to the old Soundscape Gardener. Ok…so it’s unabashed grovelling…like I give a shit. Ever since his first release "I want to have your Aids Baby" I’ve waited for each subsequent release with bated anticipation. Such is my high regard for his music I would even gladly buy his music if it hadn’t been sent in as a freebie for review. That’s a true fan boy speaking. That’s amour as drunken sozzled dead Dino could testify.

"Strung out in Skogar" moves a million miles away from the acid space trip of "Residual Tremors" with the ten tracks taking an experimental / noise / dark ambient approach… sometimes a combination of all three genres within one track… to the music. The sonic sculptures encapsulates an artist at the top of his game. Electronics rumble and roar attacking with intensity or act as a tranquil backdrop to the enveloping textures which are proficiently added. Samples are used sparingly only coming into fore when required to compliment and add robustness to the tracks. Sagacious effects augment the music into unparalleled realms of aural complexity. Thoroughly dark and desolate the artist playfully toys with your emotions by throwing in the odd curve ball here and there to sustain the maximum impact as the cohesive pieces intertwine with each other.

With the backing of Roil Noise records there’s no good reason or excuses now for anyone to miss out on the music of Ghoul Detail. Any artist who can record such flawless and desirable dark music demands to be heard. You know what you must do.


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