CDR: Roil Noise [2005]

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The first CDR recording by Ghoul Detail that I had the pleasure of reviewing "I want to have your Aids baby" [read here] was a sonically bleak, black power ambient, sample laden ‘hot shit’ release. I doubt that many of you picked up a copy though. Silly, silly you. Reappraising it once more prior to this review I can only re-urge you to visit the website…now up and running…and grab yourself a copy pronto. Whilst there you might as well flash the cash and buy this release at the same time. The reason for this endorsement. Read on MacDuff:

Ghoul Detail…still not 100% sure about the name…have taken the bull by the horns and gone into Space ambient territory with their eight track cdr release "Residual Tremors". Competing against the likes of Lustmord, Arcibo, Clock DVA, Gustaf Hildebrand, Visions, Dark Factory…the list like space itself is endless…he, The Soundscape Gardener, manages to hold his own against such illustrious company. The premise is simple. Take various samples from NASA, the Soviet space program and radio recordings from the outer limits and mix them in with suitably far out cold electronics and effects. The execution is nigh on faultless. Mixing in with the usual slow build up dark sonics are slightly faint power electronics…generally space ambient releases tend to be more serene floaty affairs…they up the ante in their interpretation of space ambient music. Here waves of music throb and hum with static overdoses and swirling passages. Tight shards of noise reverberate whilst distant echoes bo unce and collide in wild abandon. Blip, blip, beep, beep, blip, blip. The samples binding it all together making for a neat take on this ever expanding genre.

"Residual Tremors", like its predecessor, is a recording you’ll actually enjoy returning to and marks a welcome return from this English agent provocateur working with very little funds and no support from the big guns. Producing this quality of work shows that we need Ghoul Detail more than he needs us.


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