CDR: Roil Noise RNOCDR016 [2005]

The Camera Doesn't Lie
Civilized Men
Human Totem
The Village
Feast On Longpig
... Outro

Cannibal Holocaust is one of the greatest family films every made. A riotous laugh a minute feel good movie. Actually that’s crap. Everyone knows, or should know, that Cannibal Holocaust was prime contender for top video nasty of all time. The controversy over the release gaining the film cult status. Yet for all the ho-ha surrounding it there’s not a lot to get upset about. Sure it featured excessive animal cruelty to pad the film out but when you consider what we humans do to each other it pales into insignificance. Having got the full uncut version, with everything restored, I would call it Blair Witch in the jungle…with added nudity and violence. Fitting then that Ghoul Detail aka the Soundscape Gardener should release this tribute to that infamous film.

I got to interview this musician for another zine…not printed yet…and what a nice guy he was / is. Honest and upfront he was a joy to communicate with. A lot of people don’t realise just how prolific an artist he is. At the time of the interview he had 35 releases out and if you visit the Roilnoise website you’ll see a section just dedicated to his work released on that label…most of which haven’t been sent in to AP to review…curse you Roilnoise in the nicest way possible. As a fan of grind house (as he put it) films Ghould Detail felt that Cannibal Holocaust would be an appropriate subject for which to base his music. With eight tracks he re-imagines the film in his own stylish manner by utilising electronic ambience to the fore bringing the darkness that that film required. Although the actual film music is fairly good… in the Italian music style of the period… this new technology employed by Ghoul Detail adds a dimension sadly missing from the original score. This journey i nto a wilderness where modern man meets primitive in a clash of cultures and ultimately bloody flesh strewn conclusion is brought to the ears in a vivid panorama of sounds that are as dense and foreboding as the jungles the protagonists must journey through. Even if you haven’t been lucky enough to see the film the music gives you some idea of what you missed.

With Ghoul Detail you never know what to expect next. He goes where his muse takes him and he genuinely cares about what he releases. If he likes it then it goes out. Every title differs slightly and this follows that trend. Atmospheric and quite awe inspiring "The Green Inferno" is one of my favourite GD releases. Anyone lucky enough to hear it will bow down to the conclusion that black filmatic ambience has never sounded so good and in more capable hands than that of the Soundscape Gardener.


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