CDR: Ghoul Detail [2005]

Insanity Runs In My Family
A Sip Of Muss (Ghoul Detail Vs Meisterpiss)
The Homecoming
The Ballad Of Halo Jones
My Teacher Was A Piddyfile
I Prefer Grass
You Cannot Find Peach
Prelude To Misery (Android In Motion Vs Ghoul Detail)

Normally when I get sent a CD or CDR to review I receive a press / promo sheet with details about the release and the group involved. Usually they include all the other releases available on that label or other releases that the specific group has put out. Sometimes the blurb on the sheet is more interesting than the actual music sent in for review. This release however gets the ‘let’s shoot ourselves in the foot’ award of the week for providing no information at all about the group. No label details. No catalogue number. No website address to visit. No contact details. Fuck all in other words. So I’m left with trying to write a review based only on the information contained on the CDR insert. Cheers.

Ghoul Detail is The Soundscape Gardener with additional help from Android in Motion and Masterpiss. Original if nothing else. The cover features a fence adorned with dead foxes or what looks like deceased Basil Brush’s. The title is probably meant to shock or cause controversy, which is fine by be, but today it’s very difficult to actually cause offence as we’re all desensitised to the nth degree. Ho hum. Taking all these details into account you would naturally think or presume that the music of Ghoul Detail would be of the extreme electronic noise variety. You would be very wrong with this assumption. Instead the music dished up on ‘I want to have your Aids baby’ is eleven tracks of sample heavy black ambient electronics. I must confess that I do have a soft spot for samples used in music. Half the fun is trying to figure out from which film or television / radio programme or whatever they have been lifted from. The sample taken then looped from the film ‘Airplane’ on track seven particularly stands out. If Propergol slams a fist in your face with his approach to music then Ghoul Details merely flicks your nose nonchalantly by comparison. This isn’t a bad thing.

By not going for a full on electronic assault to the senses, which would have been very easy to do, the music becomes far more accessible and dare I say it…exceedingly enjoyable. In fact even without the samples the music would have easily stood up proudly amongst the other black ambient releases currently on the market. The samples are just the cherry on top of a delicious cake of a recording that everyone interested in this type of music should get a slice of. Great stuff Mr Kippling. Fuck knows how you’ll find it though.

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