CDR: Bunkier Productions BVII CDr [2005]
Ltd x 111

Before The Autumn Storm
Let Loose Werewolves!
Der Sieg
Peste I
Der Gott War Nicht Mit Uns
Peste II
Peste III
Sleep When We're Dead
Peste IV
Those Were The Days
Blood Banner
We Didn't Knew
Was Haben Wir Gemacht?
Peste V

"Peste" was originally released as a limited edition DVD cased 10 track CDR of 50 copies a wee while back. The exact date escapes me because basically…I don’t fucking know. Not that it matters here because Bunkier Productions have seen sense in re-releasing it by adding new artwork enclosed in a slip cover with an additional 7 tracks of demos and tracks culled from various compilations. A huge thumbs up there then for giving this release by Ghosts of Breslau the dues it rightly deserves. And a huge fucking thumbs down for limiting this newer & fatter release to only 111 copies. Maximus is well and truly fucked.

The Military Industrial genre is basically divided into two camps. One the one hand there’s the trumpet blaring, strings swaying, orchestral pieces and drums a-pounding stirring the emotions as the jackboots marched towards war. On the other is the varied soft / harsh electronic treatment pieces with additional drum patterns and dominating samples. Ghosts of Breslau falls, nay plummets, into this latter category. Therefore over the simplified (and there’s nothing wrong in that respect) drum patterns and diverse electronics the samples take centre stage acting as a catalyst for the music.

Taken mostly from WW2 archived news reels & recordings there’s a variety of speeches, songs and hymns that add to the overall sense of futility of war and mans capacity to destroy rather than live in peaceful harmony with his neighbours. Some of the German speeches and songs you’ll recognise, as they have been used in similar recordings before, but there’s others here from different dialects for you to discover and enjoy for the first time. If ever there was such a thing as an iconic world war then the rise and ultimate fall of the wished for thousand year Reich is the one that still fascinates and repulses to this day. Mad bad bastards the Germans may have been but they sure had a great dress style.

"Peste" is the sound of an apocalyptic call to arms ending in the broken and smashed bodies of millions thanks to the deluded few. This subject matter and style of music has been covered in some depth by other artists but Ghosts of Breslau’s debut, which this is/ was, stands out from all of them. Their fresh, sometimes minimalist approach, is as evocative and thought provoking as it is thoroughly enjoyable. I would even go as far as saying that it ranks as one of the best examples of this type of music ever to have been released. A must buy recording for all you closet generals and death’s head fetishists out there.


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