CD: Tesco Organisation 060 [2004]

Moral Rear
Disobey Ends
Industrial Strife Pt. 2
We Care For You
Death Hypes
A Peculiar Crusade
Industrial Strife Pt. 1
No Better Culture
Industrial Strife Pt. 3
Black And Tans Are Noble
Conditio Humana

For converts of this cult power electronics group expectations were running high for "In-Konflikt" given 5 years have elapsed since "The Truth Will Make You Free" LP.

From the opener moral rear, the lurching loops, drilling noise & monotone spoken lyrics establishes an old-school industrial noise aesthetic that is further solidified with the machinery rhythms and flanged vocals of disobey ends. Some subversive dialogue samples on a peculiar crusade seem to allude to certain agendas, but as has always been G.O’s modus operandi, the true intent remains obscured. Accordingly it is the intellectual presentation of texts, images, dialogue samples, confrontational vocals & noisescapes as a complete document that adds to their allure.

Essentially G.O. are more than a ‘musical’ group, instead operating as an extreme performance art collective in their exploration of questions relating to history, politics, culture & identity. A challenging album on multiple levels, "In-Konflikts" is all the more excellent for it.


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