CD: Cold Spring Records CSR30CD

East I
East II
East III
South I
South II
North I
North II
North III

Although I think Genesis’s best days have long since gone, I must admit I quite liked this album.

On the Cold Spring label, it is well produced and supplied with a 20-page booklet. This contains 2 pages of information on the recording and the rest of the space is taken up by info about trance states (If you’re into this pretentious nonsense it makes great reading. I’m not and therefore found it a pile of old crap).

This is a nice minimal dark ambient album with the sounds generated with tribal acoustic instruments. There are elements of drone here reminiscent of early Thomas Köner work (although Köner used gong samples instead of bell samples to generate most of his tones). It is the best material I have heard from Mr. P-Orridge for some time now and would make a great stocking filler for a disturbed child this Christmas.


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