CDR: Roil Noise RNOCDR025 [2005]

Grey Skies
12 Gauge Dental Hell
Babel 1
Hafada Love Tear
Digital War Crime
Savage Organ
Feedback Resistor
System Failure
Trusts Last Lie
Montauks Chair

Ever wanted to make some experimental music but wasn’t sure how to go about it? Well let G.D.R explain it for you in easy to understand terms: ‘I use hardware alone to produce experimental industrial noisescapes. The noise arsenal comprises circuit bent CD players running sample loops (currently favoured are crooners like old blue eyes) and incidental samples from movies and other sources. For further sonic attacks, a Yamaha DJXII is used running at painfully high distortion and a new toy for drum and bass lines. All equipment is run through several fx units and pedals which are then manipulated live to create the G.D.R. sound. Ambient aesthetics are used to twist sound into visual imagery, to give life to thoughts buried deep in the psyche and to create a backdrop of textured soundscapes that turn those thoughts away from the light and into the shadows’. Piece of piss when you think about it. Of course… thinking about doing it and actually achieving it is a completely different story. Which is why someone like G.D.R has done all the hard work so you don’t have to. And get this… "Versions of fear" is 14 tracks of live mixes. Fucking live. Maybe it is best to leave it to the experts after all.

The eye did it for me. A fingernail holding an eyelid open. What lay in store for the eye? A sharp pointy thing about to plunge deep into the eyeball? Or drops to soothe the pain and discomfort? This picture on the cover of "Versions of fear" is open to interpretation. The music less so. G.D.R happily cavorts in the ‘beat and noise’ club as a fully paid up member. Laying down the looped beats, over which a variety of instruments squeal in protest at their rough handling, is a mesmerizing experience. Mostly. There is a odd diversion into dirge land occasionally, which slightly upsets the balance of things, but they are far and few between. The majority of this release concentrates on blowing your mind with a constant attack on the senses but without the utter alienation and scatter gun approach so beloved of our Japanese friends. You can even tap you feet to some of the tunes. Tap your feet. Never thought that could happen. Add in some frantic samples scattered here and there and you have a 14 track enjoyable romp through the electronics excesses of a very imaginative and fertile mind.

How Roil Noise finds these artists I don’t know. Perhaps one shouldn’t ask. Just be grateful that they do. Better still… buy into their vision so that they’ll continue to release the music that most labels wouldn’t touch with a bargepole. The more I listen to the 70 minutes of music… or more specifically this take on music… on "Versions of fear" the more I fucking dig it. Yeah!! Liam Thompson sir… you have my utmost respect in what you have created. Long may your muse continue to inspire you.


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