CDR: ron_zed [2005]


"Moth" sees the first of three releases up for review from the ron_zed label. Gaop is the latest in a long, long and even fucking longer line of musicians pumping (or should that be pimping?) out his home based recordings onto the unsuspecting public through this new (ish) label set up for such endeavours. Should we really care or give a flying fuck? Probably yes…possibly no. Gaop is from Israel…not exactly a hot spot for Industrial music…and his work is based on the more extremes of the musical spectrum. Power noise revisited and all that. Which is fine. The eight tracks on "Moth" shows he’s perfectly capable of assaulting the ears with all manner of disorientating noise. No complaints there either. Utilising all the old tricks of distortion, glitches and static a go-go, electronic beats /rumbles and nasty reverb and assorted high frequency squeals in a variety of ways throughout shows he knows his stuff. Where he does score smarty points is that he screams / speaks in Hebrew…a new one to these ears. No wait a minute…there was another act from Israel who did the same thing…Barzel. Unfortunately his recording was also far better sound and presentation wise.

And there in the problem lays. Today it’s no use just putting out a CDR and hoping for the best. Money has to be spent on making your product stand out. The market is harsh and people are fickle at the worst / best of times. With so much music to choose from you need to up the ante. Make yourself seen and heard above the crowd. You’ve got to speculate to accumulate. Gaop and ron_zed haven’t quite grasped this basics of marketing. Even their pricing policy is all to fuck. Try setting up a decent website would be a good place to start. Which all in all does themselves no favours what so ever. Gaop has the potential to go further…"Moth" has some great moments on it…but he’ll need all the help and support available. Whether he’ll get it or not is a moot point.


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