CDR: Beta-Sendung [2005]


Packaging isn’t everything. I’ve lost count of the exquisitely beautiful creations used to hold the most hideous of recordings. I call it the ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ syndrome. Then I occasionally come across the reverse of this syndrome where its ‘lamb dressed as mutton’ and I wonder why more time and effort wasn’t put into the presentation to enhance the overall production values. "DNO" by Funkstillesender / Komatö Serzustand falls into this latter category. First impressions of this release were not good. Looking at a blank non descript CDR housed in a slim line CD single case with a cut out paper front did nothing for my enthusiasm. Amateurish and dull. Or dull and amateurish. Take your pick. The sort of packaging that if for sale on a market stall you would immediately pass over because it looked like something a twat with a new computer had taken great pride in churning out within five minutes. That bad. Appearances though can be deceptive and so it proved with this release.

Groundhog day part 1: No press release was forthcoming for this recording so I’m at a loss regarding the history of either artist. Possibly / probably Russian groups. Groundhog day part 2: Attempting to access the Funkstillesender website led me to a page with the word ‘Index’ on it. Nothing more. Groundhog day part 3: It could well be a limited release but to how many copies I don’t fucking know. It would appear I live in a continual time warp where this occurs and happens to me all the time. Stop the world. I want to get off. If you’re looking for more facts you’ve come to the wrong place and person…again.

But hey…these are minor trivialities. Look past the non information and piss poor packaging and what you’ll find is a prime example, nay the best, of Industrial machine drone music spread over five tracks and 60 minutes that I’ve ever heard. What an absolute joy of a recording. Really it’s a simple concept. Take the main sound, be it an fluctuating elongated note or what sounds like pounding pistons in a machine, repeat it continually on a loop then add extra electronics effects on top and occasional voices reminiscent of deus ex machina. The ghosts in the machine. You can’t go wrong with this formula. There are of course further variants to be found within. Hints and bursts of fluxing static. Subliminal low / high frequencies. Other exotic sounds and samples coupled with the intricate mixing of subdued power electronics and black ambience. The concept though stays the same throughout which is the main thing. Put quite simply…and in words that I’ll stake my hard earned rep utation on... ‘DNO’ is pretty fucking shit hot and amazing. Loved it to bits and loved it to death. A quintessential industrial machine drone recording that just begs for your attention. How you’ll get a copy though slightly worries me. Nag your local distributor** until you’re blue in the face and keep your fingers crossed.


**You can grab yourself a copy of this disc from Abgurd [Ed]

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