LP: Semen And Blood S.A.B.008 [2005]
Ltd x 500

Live Performance October 30, 1999

Unreleased Demo Material 1999-2001

This upcoming record collects unreleased demos and live material from Funerary Call, with the first track, a lengthy thirty minute opus being the first live delivery recorded at a Samhain festival in 1999. The performance belches oleaginous black clouds from pulsing fumaroles joined anon with short percussive marches and sweeping pans of sickened landscapes. It is a pity that the recording quality is sub-standard, little in the way of serious attention to recording quality is apparent as there is serious malign verve to be found in this dark outpouring and given the near thirty-minute journey one cannot help but be disappointed, on no fault of the artist.

Fortunately tracks two through seven demonstrates just how chilling Funerary Call can be with apposite fidelity. The saturnine phrases of strings sublimated with grisly sediment and unholy vocal cadences are minatory and disturbing, music endemic to the underworld. Truculent percussion detonates about feeling tendrils of excoriated melody, warning sirens of noise puncture airwaves amidst a chaos of throbbing purulency, sarcomatous vocals are depredations from things that hover on the fringes of reality railing to break the veil. The loam of hell has never been quite this fertile.

Dark industrial ambient not for the faint of soul, "Sickness Falling" is only marred by the inconsistency of the lengthy live track compared with the gems of "let's not beat about the bush" an inspired evil vision.


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