CDR: The Fossil Dungeon FD024 [2004]

Unto The End We Call
Black Art
Hel's Hymn
Hill Of Skull And Bone
Of Death's Breath
Beckoning At The Black

The avalanche of very samey music that has been engulfing the scene has slowly eroded my creative juices. I feel like lazily writing ‘blah, blah, black ambient…blah, blah very nice…blah, blah worth every penny spent on it’ and getting back to the important things in my life. Like porn and computer games. Computer games with additional porn would be something to write about. Even better if it involved animals of some sort. Of course I can’t do this as I owe it to the artists who release their music to give a fair and unbiased view of their work…and in my very small way help you, the reader, to make a choice as to whether they are worth purchasing or not. Onto and upward with this Funerary Call CD then.

The first thing that struck me about "Beckoning at the Black" was the cover. Any cover with a black & white picture of a mausoleum full of decaying corpses works for me. It immediately tells you the type of music you‘ll hear. That plus the groups name of course. It may confuse Death Metal fuckheads but who gives a shit about those wankers. I don’t and neither should you. I’m also partial to a good song title. Naming your tracks after numbers is so lame and shows no imagination. Give me ‘Hel’s Hymn’ (their spelling not mine), 'Hill of Skull and Bone’ or ‘Black Art’ as Funerary Call have and I‘m a happy little bunny. Creative you see. Having discussed the cover and song titles it’s time to delve deeply into the meat of the music that Funerary Call has to offer.

"Beckoning at the black" is six tracks of sheer black orchestral ambience with the requisite crunching drums and whispered / distorted vocals. Add to this the ominous waves of electronics, the odd piano piece, very popular nowadays within this style of music, a little drone like passage and…shit on a stick…what sounds like a panpipe in full flow. The music created gives the perfect impression of creeping unease and discomfort and ever impending dread that it‘s ultimately trying to convey. A sort of nightmare music for the nightmare generation.

Funerary Call aren’t going to win any prizes for originality with "Beckoning at the Black" but that probably wasn’t in their thoughts or plans anyway. What they have given us is a recording suitable for those ‘closed curtains and lights out’ scary & chilling music moments we all so desire at some point in our lives. To this end "Beckoning at the black" is an undeniable success and a worthwhile addition to anyone’s black ambient collection. Blah, blah, fucking blah.


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