CDR: Mask Of The Slave Records 003 [2006]
Ltd x 100

Dillinger Stahl
Resist | Exist
2 Steps Away From Home
The Flow Of Snow 2
Rischbach Art 05
Send Out
Blood Flavoured Chewing Gum
Dillinger Stahl (Firsttake)
Blut Lounge Vol. 2

Flutwacht are an underground German based project that, for reasons I still don't know, have passed me by - until now. Going onto their website I found they had a body of work behind them, including CD / CDR / cassette and vinyl, to put other such artists in the shade. This came as even more of a surprise. With such a back catalogue why I hadn't heard of them has become something of a mystery. Normally I'm well versed in all things noise related. Just shows how impossible a task it is nowadays to keep up with everything going on musically. Even a seasoned collecting pro like myself misses out occasionally.

"Blut Lounge vol 2" is the follow up to the "Blut Lounge vol 1" C90 tape. Of course this being my first introduction to the act how Volume 2 actually equates to Volume 1 is anyone's guess. Even I wouldn't dare pass judgement on something I hadn't heard and that has probably been long deleted. The 13 tracks on this release feature a mixture of harsh power electronics / noise coupled with dark ambient touches and some rhythmic structures. Throw in the odd bit of distorted vocals and "Blut Lounge vol 2" is the end result. 70 odd minutes + of, quite frankly, very enjoyable sounds. I'll not insult your intelligence by saying that the music of Flutwacht is earth shatteringly original in any shape or form. This whole power electronic / noise scene has been done to death. What "Blut Lounge vol 2" has going for it though is the accessibility factor which is so sadly missing on other similar releases.

The music isn't off putting in any way. The dynamics of the pieces, almost lo-fi in places, are structured in such a manner that you are drawn into the music by the intelligently crafted music that Flutwacht has created. Sounding almost early Industrial in style, no bad thing in my book, there is enough diversity on the release to maintain the interest throughout. The music throbs, squeals, screams, thrusts, blasts, calms, thrills and chills in equal measure throughout and is one heady concoction not to be easily dismissed. In fact I'll upgrade my earlier proclamation of "very enjoyable" to "fucking marvellous"... because it is... and I can.

The only blot on the landscape being that this release is limited to only 100 copies. That and the fact my copy had a coffee stain all over the cover. Not me by the way. She who shall remain nameless knows the truth. Stain or not, "Blut Lounge vol 2" satisfied the parts other power electronic / noise - with ambient and rhythmic touches - releases couldn't reach. If it quenched my musical thirst then it's safe to say you'll find it will do likewise. Give it a go. You know you want to.


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