CD: Urgence Disk KAB023 [2005]

Ambient Work
One Day
The Saturnday
Robotik Life
Keep On Moving
So Deep

"Deep Visions" is Roberto Vitali's debut album as Floating Mind for Swiss label Urgence Disc Records.

Describing his music as "ambient/deep electronica", Vitali's approach is to create lo-tech ambient atmosphere using drifting textures, glitchy clicks and spacious effects. The album opener 'Ambient Work', the lengthy alien chatter infected 'One Day' and ethereal hi-tech blips of 'Voices' are perfect examples of this in action. Flipping everything on its head however are 'Extrem' with its insistent plodding beat and deranged piano melodies and 'Robotik Life' which uses a robotic voice sample and Orb-esque ambient techno beats to provide an upbeat mood. The only downside to 'Robotik Life' is that the sample is a little slightly overused. At the calmer end of things is 'Stellar' which serenely drifts along with soft warm waves of sound and a touch of static crackle. 'Transformer', while it starts out with futuristic ambience, develops an anxious edge of urgency and subtle industrial rhythm. Stepping up the experimental weirdness are 'Keep on Moving' with its tense swirling melodies, stop-start blips and bloops, bubbling electronic effects and repeated spoken sample and the album closer 'So Deep' which ends "Deep Visions" by quietly descending into digital insanity.

Vitali shows influences from a wide spectrum of genres including ambient, drone, experimental and industrial. Drawing ideas from each and combining them in an ambient, experimental or ambient techno style, he creates a suitably atmospheric listening experience. Hopefully, Vitali's sound will evolve further and these ideas will expand and develop along with it.


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