CD: Funkwelten FW007 / Brume Records 13 [2006]

R'lyeh la Morte
Neither Dead
Brain Speaking Machine
De Vermis Mysteriis
Angular Space
Shudde M'ell
Cthulhu Dawn
Slither Chaos
Brain Death (Ah Cama-Sotz Remix)
Germ Code (Disharmony Remix)
Brain Speaking Machine (Xabec Remix)
 R'lyeh la Morte (This Morn' Omina & Empusae Remix)

"Nyarlathotep" is Gwenn Tremorin's second album as Flint Glass and is based around a concept. The track titles are all taken from HP Lovecraft works and the music itself is Tremorin's own interpretation of Lovecraft's writings. Each track is preceded with a short introductory piece used to link the various pieces to form a whole. Add to this bonus remixes by some major players on the experimental/noise scene in the form of Ah Cama-Sotz, Xabec, This Morn' Omina and Empusae and "Nyarlathotep" holds a lot of promise. Also worth mentioning is the wonderful artwork, presented in a glossy foldout multi-panel digipack with wonderful images of ice formations.

Trying to describe Tremorin's work or pinpoint it to a specific genre is almost impossible as it draws influence from the experimental, tribal, dark ambient, rhythmic noise and industrial genres (amongst others). His music is multi-faceted and quite busy but always distinctly dark to the point of being disturbing. Swirling nightmarish atmosphere, hard (sometimes tribal) rhythmic beats, weird clicks and noises, deep bass drones and crackling static noise are all here. Starting out with the serene and ethereal 'R'Lyeh La Morte', "Nyarlathotep" opens with a gentle but uneasy sense of foreboding. 'Brain Speaking Machine' picks up where 'R'Lyeh La Morte' left off but slowly evolves to introduce disjointed beats fighting for their place through the dense layers of atmosphere. It is not long before Tremorin increases the pace by several notches to create an often disturbing but thoroughly fascinating image of dark sonic devastation. From this point onwards, dark industrial rhythms and throbbing bass take control, augmented by rumbling demonic backdrop of epic proportions. 'Nephren-Ka' for example takes a more tribal industrial route but still maintains an air of impending doom circling in the background. 'Alhazred' and 'Angular Space' opt for a similar path but adopt a harder industrial noise stance, the former adding some crackling distortion for good measure. The theme continues with the haunting screeches and punishing beats of 'Cthulhu Dawn' and the album finally closes with the tribal rhythms, ominous scrapes and destructive noise of 'Slither Chaos'.

First to step up for remix duties are Ah Cama-Sotz who take 'Brain Speaking Machine', enhance it with a slow organic sounding beat and almost unintelligible ghostly voices, building the rhythmic quality and urgency of the track as it progresses. Disharmony's 'Germ Code' remix continues the theme but a slightly lighter mood while Xabec's 'Brain Speaking Machine' opts for a low rumbling drone before hitting with a barrage of distorted beats. The This Morn' Omina and Empusae remix of 'R'Lyeh La Morte' is essentially a fusion of all of the other approaches in one; ethereal laughter, ritualistic tribal industrial beats and a sense of building anxiety. Of the remixes, Ah Cama-Sotz make an interesting contribution but This Morn' Omina and Empusae's remix is the strongest purely because it draws on the best elements of the three other remixes and condenses them into a single package.


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