2 x CD: Loki Foundation 42 [2006]

Flash Crimson
Intermediate Nature
All Sun's Ceaseless Falling
Trunkene Flut
Lunar Sphere
Rising To A Challenge
Solar Loka
Nocturnal Wine
Enduring Surviving

Intermediate Nature (Bad Sector Rmx)
Lunar Sphere (Alternative Version)
Nocturnal Wine (Antlers Mulm Rmx)
Trunkene Flut (Lovespell Rmx)
All Sun's Ceaseless Falling (Fir§t Law Rmx)

Fjernlys features one of the members from Inade. That fact alone should sell you this without having to wade through countless pointless words from myself. In case you're blind (and here comes the classic Braille joke) I'll just feel that again... and missed it let me reiterate the point. Fjernlys features one of the members from Inade. You can't wear the 'music collectors' badge with any pride if you don't know who Inade are. I'll not insult your intelligence by going into any detail about this great group and instead suggest, if you are so ignorant, that you do a quick web search. I believe Google is good for such things. Type their name in then read and learn.

"Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs" is a 2 x CD first release from Knut Enderlein of Inade. Which I think you might have guessed by now. This offshoot, I believe this would be the correct terminology for it, has that distinctive Inade sound prevalent throughout... but also inhibits a world of its own creation. Thus over the 9 tracks of the first CD we have the by now familiar dark electronics coupled to a more musically beat driven and melodic passages, with varied vocal support, that lays on the song structures in a semi magical way. Does the word 'enchanting' sound too gay or fey? Well it applies to some of these nine majestic compositions. There is still the undercurrent of a dark heart beating away though throughout which adds that sinister edge that causes the skin to crawl subconsciously. By utilising different vocalists, some spoken and sung, on the tracks gives the music subtle contrasts - as does the mixing of German and English languages. The overriding effect is of a cosmic dense landscape with the vocals as meteors blazing a trail across the stars. To release "Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs" as one CD alone would have made this an outstanding aural experience. Those nice people at Loki though have seen fit to throw in a second CD of remixes and alternate versions of 5 of the tracks. The re-mixers are Bad Sector, Antlers Mum, Lovespell and First Law. I'll let you off not knowing who Antlers Mum and Lovespell are - I'm in the dark also - but Bad Sector and First Law need no introduction. Remixed pieces can sometimes be disposable, the polite version, and add nothing to the music. Thankfully the choice of re-mixers on the four tracks here add another dimension to the music bringing out and expanding it into different shapes and moving into ever more complex tangents that are symbiotic to the pieces.

The dreaded end bit. The part of the review where I have to justify all that has been written before... along with my recommendation. "Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs" has the unmistakable sound of Inade branded all the way through it. You can hear it in the vocals and the phenomenal dark electronics. This is not a disadvantage. With Inade being such a quality act I would have been more surprised if Knut had veered too far away from that highly successful sound path. What he has done with this release is to embellish the creative atmospheres with a refinement beyond reproach making

"Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs" is an essential purchase to ambient, and music lovers in general, everywhere.


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