CDR: RRRecords [2005]

Kannon Invocation
It Didn't Have To Be This Way
Nursery Crime
Three Reasons
Killing Frost
Because I Have To

And so we welcome the return of that bad ass with attitude Michael Page with open arms and hopes eternal. He is (if the CollectiveXXIII website is correct) one mega productive extreme noise fucker. But in the nicest possible way.

"Solace Through Psychosis" is released as part of the CDR series on the RRR record label…which is celebrating 20 years of releasing uncompromising and difficult music onto the unsuspecting public. Happy anniversary belligerent American dudes.

Fire In The Head fits perfectly in with the RRR release ethic. Music suitable for the true outsider not afraid to explore uncharted waters and able to withstand, nay desires, aural torture being inflicted without mercy. "Solace Through Psychosis" follows this blueprint down to the last detail. Over the eight tracks and 33+ minutes…time passes so quickly when your head is scrambled…Michael pulls out all the stops to hit hard with a noise barrage from the first seconds of the first track and doesn’t let up one iota. Onward…forever onward…thrusting the cacophony relentlessly into your face like John Holmes in a blue film. Take it. Gag on it. Swallow it. Come back for more. Bitch slapped in the face. Humiliated but ultimately satiated. Note to self: wake up…smell the coffee… and stop watching so much porn.

"Solace Through Psychosis" isn’t all pure undiluted noise though. With the addition of samples / vocals cutting through occasionally the music moves away from being a simply one dimensional ‘fuck you’ into near apocalyptic ambient mood territory. Not the sort of ambient to please Brian Eno fans mind. Fuck them though. Not literally of course. Unless they were nice looking.

With this latest release under his belt Michael is taking the genre of noise into exciting realms to give all you masochistic extreme / power electronics fiends the thrills you need to be punished with. Play it at the loudest levels possible and feel your sanity disintegrate with each passing swathe of sound.


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