CDR: Deserted Factory DF028 [2005]
Ltd x 200

Silent Few
When This No Longer Suffices
Screams For The Mute
Watch And Burn
Playing God
Through Jaded Eyes

Michael, Michael, Michael. What were you thinking. An e.mail was received at Aural Pressure from Michael Page nee F/I/T/H with some of the strangest comments I’ve ever encountered from an artist. Without going into great…and boring…detail Michael basically wanted to inform us that "Screams for the mute" wasn’t the musical direction he was currently involved in. He’d moved on. Changed. Going into hitherto different genres. It read like an apology. A cutting off of embarrassing ties. Fine by us. We wait with baited breath for this ‘new Michael’ to impress us. Until then though there is the little matter of this final ‘old Michael’ recording to contend with. Bring it on.

On second thoughts don’t. Only joking. "Screams for the mute" follows on nicely from all the other F/I/T/H recordings I’ve accumulated to date. Those of you unfamiliar with Mr Page’s previous work need only know that he loves…or should that now be ‘loved’…working within the extreme / power electronics noise field. That infamous thin line between these genres that gets smaller by the day. With "Screams for the mute" you’ll find 8 tracks of suitably disturbing music that teeters on the un…fucking…listen able. Michael of old though don’t care. He quite happily throws all these piercing frazzling electronics…wave upon wave of them…into the fray slowly grinding the body down. Battered senseless by this approach he shows no mercy. Heaping on the agony is par for the course. Tune in or drop out. Pussy. This attack to the senses is car crash music. Bloodied and broken boned laying in the wreckage of what once was your mind. An M4 pileup on a foggy morning in December. The body crushed and soul departed. Heavy shit not for the faint heartened. Exactly like his previous recordings in fact. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

So why the apology. Michael should be proud of his work to date. Inaccessible to all but the most hardy of individuals "Screams for the mute" is ideally suited to all us sick fucks out here. The cravers with an insatiable appetite for noise pollution that threatens to make the ears burst and bleed. We love you Michael…or should that be ‘loved’…and look forward to the new direction with some trepidation. Until then we will glorify in your past accomplishments.


[Fire In The Head] / [Deserted Factory]

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