CD: Autarkeia ACD009 [2005]
Ltd x 400

Your Loss Of Innocence Is My Only Sustenance
Machine Gun Bodhisattva
One Last Sunset
As The Nest Burns
Until She Bleeds
Loss Of Balance
Wasp Storm

All hail Michael Page. The man who would be King. The man who wears a crown of thorns as a trophy around his head. Pain be thy name. Pain be thy trade. His motto ‘No pain no gain’ is tattooed on his chest. He is the instigator. The motivator. The Ayatollah of extreme electronics. The man whose releases have corrupted all who have crossed their path. A man who once talked of going into different spheres but who sensibly realised that extreme power noise music would be forever called home. And here for all you children of the damned is his latest release.

"As The Nest Burns" is your typical Michael Page offering to the Gods of aural discomfort. A seven track journey into the mind of a sick puppy for whom excess has become second nature. Gasp as he throws wild holocaustic aggressive sounds around without a care. Be stunned as his vocal interplay is distorted and fucked around with. Gleefully clap your hands as he pummels relentlessly without regard to the senses. Feel the pain. The agony. The ecstasy. Hold your ears in discomfort as the electronic cold hardness washes away all before it. Brutal and devastating . No prisoners taken. No remorse shown. Hell has come to your house. As subtle as a kick in the head with a steel toe capped boot and just as brain numbing. The doctor will see you now.

There’s nothing more to add. Words cannot equate to the sounds heard here. There are no joyous moments to revel in. No tunes to hum or dance to. Michael Page believes that redemption can only be found through the acts of masochistic acceptance. He deals it out. You will accept it gracefully. The music finally ends and the day already looks better. He’s taken you on a death trip and you’ve survived. The final resonating notes released from your aching head. But you’ll be back for more. You can’t help it. It’s a drug of sorts. An endorphin rush that needs repeating. And Michael is only too happy to cater for your needs. The supply will always meet demand. Need a noise fix? You know who to call.


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