CDR: Denshi Zatsuon [2005]

In Kali's Arms
Operation Miranda
Tear Wide The Suture
A Fate Deserved
Written In Her Own Blood
Enough Of You For Both Of Me (V.1)

When the first wave of extreme electronic noise music hit the shores it was met with 1% enthusiasm by those seeking a more challenging experience and 99% indifference by everyone else who gleefully went back to their Nolan Sisters records. I’ll argue with anyone that listens that Lou Reed’s "Metal Machine Music" was one of the first such recordings and ‘Fuck you’ if you disagree. Before the first wave had time to recede from the beach along came the second & third waves. Now thirty years on, if you include loopy Lou’s effort (or nearly thirty years on if you don’t) …the noise still keeps coming. Only now it’s in Tsunami proportions. The market is flooded and being over-run with examples of noise gone mad.

Fire in the Head is another artist trying to make his mark whilst floating in the debris of like minded souls. The first clue to Michael Page’s work ethic is written on the CD booklet. Microphone abuse and source material bastardization and cannibalization (his spelling I add) which pretty much sums up what to expect from "Ignite / Submit". No ‘I’m in the mood for dancing’ that’s for sure. If that didn’t tell the whole story then the seven tracks of unrelenting nausea inducing sonic hyper blasts hammers the point home with a blunt nail. Each track varies ever so slightly in intensity and frequency of the notes spewing out but all come together as one complete ‘fuck you if you don’t like it’ package. Yeah…and why not. Neither ground breaking or original in any way the beauty of this type of music is that it exists. It’s there for when you need release from the boring conformity of the drab lives that we all live…even though most of us are in denial of this fact. Hamster just died…play this. Wife / girlfriend / boyfriend dumped you…play this. Girlfriend / wife & boyfriend left you…my what a complicated sexual life you lead…then play this. Been made redundant from your job because you’re a useless cunt…play this. In debt up to your eyeballs…play this. After being subjected to the strains of Armageddon time piercing your eardrums the world and your own personal predicaments will seem like a bad memory.

After hearing "‘Ignite / Submit" you’ll never knock the Nolan Sisters again. Whether Michael sinks under all the flotsam and jetsam with other likeminded competing artists looking for your business or will rise majestically above them all remains to be seen. But for now he is here and ready and willing to offer his music to those who so require it. The extreme music Samaritan is at your beck and call.


[Fire In The Head] / [Denshi Zatsuon]

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