CDR: Einzeleinheit 007 [2006]

Toi Et Le Son
Larme d'Heike

Feu Follet is a solo project of Einzeleinheit label founder Tobias "Tocafi" Fischer who also forms half of electronic duo Suneaters and is a member of the ever-changing live line-up of Aalfang mit Pferdekopf. "Toi Et Le Son" is Fischer's debut full length release as Feu Follet and follows a very limited split release entitled Cuba December on German label Aalfang.

Consisting of just two tracks, both of which clock in at just over 18 minutes, "Toi Et Le Son" hints at its ambient soundscape content through the frozen landscape depicted in its artwork. The first of the tracks, 'Toi et le son', is based largely around undulating tones and subtle shifts in sound. The low drones and drifting textures conjure images of wide open spaces and featureless landscapes but far from being dark and desolate, the scenery is magnificent and inspiring. This is the type of music that soothes and relaxes if given the chance to become the primary focus of your listening experience. It is like travelling through an open expanse of land with the gentle hum of massive engines guiding your way. 'Larme d'Heike' adopts a different direction, this time exhibiting a more anxious sense of urgency or even desperation. The low sweeping drones are still there but a more rhythmic mechanical theme dominates. It‚s almost as though focus has switched from admiring the landscape outside to the low mechanical throb of the dark engine room. The somehow comforting hum of the engine eventually replaces the tense anxiety of the opening minutes of the track, only to return by the end of the track.

Fischer's music can be used as either low background noise or a more intense listening experience where everything else is shut off and the music becomes the focal point. His music will send images flashing through your mind and build scenes purely through its ability to capture your imagination and absorb you into it. Future Feu Follet releases look very promising on the strength of this release.


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