CD: Distant Mirror Records DIS64852 [2004]

Al jorn - Alonso
A voi gente
All Psalitte
Owe War Sint Verswunden
Sine Nomine
Al jorn - Carceres
Non e gran cousa
Cry de la mort
Quen na virgin
Estampie VIII
Non devemos
Bona Condit
Al jorn - Triana

In the realms of medieval music, Estampie stand as a palpable symbol of the resurgence in the antiquated music, brought to the fore with precision and a musicianship that only a few bands can continuously refine. This, their eighth album in nearly two decades, while not the standout of their discography, will further cement favour in loyal and new aficionados alike.

Coiled around the sublime voice of Syrah (Sigrid Hausen) encircles the prodigal talents of Michael Popp, et al, eliciting the romantic strains of the medieval music with a vast repertoire of traditional acoustic instruments, horns, flutes, lute, lyre, harp not to mention a vast array of percussive instruments. The music breathes fast and slow, alternating in moments of choir lilting the heavens where instruments surrender to the grace and soar of Syrah and the hill of backing voices raising her ever higher to moments of saltant (profane/pagan) dance of men and woman pirouetting in the glow of bonfire deep in woods. Horns sinuously snaking intricate patterns in the allegro of hand tapped drum recall the cross-world qualities of Estampie, invocations that blend seamlessly into this conceptual album of life and death before the weight of a world short on time.



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