3" CDR: Self-Released [2005]

Pre Apocalyptic Meditation
What Ifi I Become A Spectre?
Mantra (popul vuh)
It Is Snowing On My Lava
My Corneous Exoskeleton
Wall Of Ice
Condemned To Be Alone

Vanni Fabbri is the man behind Erebus who whilst being a main player in other very different musical acts is also involved in the art collective / movement Lupinaria. Which of course will mean the sum total of fuck all to the majority of you reading this. Means fuck all to me anyway. Seen one artistic movement you’ve pretty much seen them all. If it keeps him happy who am I to judge. But judged he will be for he has wisely / unwisely submitted this debut 3 inch cdr up for critical evaluation and dissection. The verdict has yet to be decided upon.

Comprising of 7 tracks spread over 23 minutes the music on "son. of. chaos. and. night." covers a whole gamut of different styles and expression. Why the full stops between each word on the cover title and song titles though baffled me slightly. Must be an artists thing. Ranging from experimental time signatures through claustrophobic eerie blackness and melodic passages with faint nods to power electronics the music is a bewildering array of differing sources acting as a veritable sculptured kaleidoscope of sound. Like a magpie stealing only the best glittery pieces shining in the sun Vanni has put together a nest full of treasure culled from many influences. Which in itself is no bad thing. Plagiarism is nothing to be ashamed of. With his heart firmly on his sleeve, and to his credit, he weaves his own highly technical interpretations of each genre with an ingenious enthusiasm so bereft of like minded individuals. Falling slightly short of absolutely stunning, or any other words of over exuberance, the recording is still one to deeply admire and enjoy. Dip in and out of it as you please.

There’s guaranteed something for everyone to be found within no matter what their taste in music. I’ll pass on his other projects…prog-folk rock and punk / oi - core for example just don’t appeal to my sensibilities…but I’ll happily take any further output from Erebus after this debut showing. Don’t just take my word on it. You can download it from for yourself to see what all the fuss is about.



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