CDR: Eonic [2004]
Ltd x 50

Splinter Of The Day
Son Of Night, Brother Of Death
Daughters Of Twilight
Spring Of Oblivion
Sand And Wind
Waves And Droplets
White Road
Epilogue (Just A Dream)

This is the fifth self-release from Russian electronic project, Eonic, and an interesting release at that. Clocking in just over thirty minutes it lurks in divers chambers, bordering on classicism, gothic, and dark ambient with a penchant for keyboards suffusing most tracks; the recurring forms of harpsichord, organ, and pads. One can't help but be reminded of the backing music of some of Dario Argento's horror movies at times (not the work of Goblin in Mr. Argento's work), yet Eonic's music mutates with each track. The refrains drift gently for the most part, softening and stirring idyllic vistas as the work while shades grey never fully dips below the horizon into night.

Overall the music is well produced, if a little synthetic, for a self-released work. The album is released in a simple jewel case in a limited edition of fifty with full colour tray and slip with printed disc face featuring cgi artwork by Sagroth of the Demiurge Project, fellow artist from Russia.



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