CDR: English Heretic [2005]

The Sacred Geography Of British Cinema
The Besom Maker
Hills Of Arcady
Cults Of The Upright Men
Y Dasgubell Rodd (Ancient Techniques Of The Kersey Broom Seers)
Rustic Widdershin Dervish (Live At The Bell Inn)
Song Of The Whore Of Nyarlathotep

English Heretic follow up the auspicious debut Curse Of The Conqueror Worm magazine and cdr with this latest foray into all things paranormal, ceremonial magic and ever so ‘far out there goings on’ in Ye Olde rural England. This latest issue dissects and discusses, taking in the myths and folklore of the region, in great depth the scene from Michael Reeves' "Witchfinder General" film where a woman is hanged. Also included are suggested walks around the area where it was filmed and sound experiments to be carried out if that be your wont.

Like its predecessor the accompanying CDR (7 tracks & 35 minutes this time) should be used in conjunction with the written word to gain an insight into the mythology of that part of the countryside where unexplained phenomena occur. The artists contributing to this latest release include Robert Navane, Hecate Redgrave and Wisewound, and Dr Alain Champagne along with assorted local artists. The music itself is a mixture of traditional folk songs and synthesiser / experimental on site recorded ambience with samples taken from the film. I’ve never encountered before a recording where someone played the fiddle and dancing doll. Nor for that matter a Scrotal Tambourine…which just sends shivers down the spine thinking about it. Curious doesn’t begin to describe my initial reaction upon hearing these tracks. Only by reading the information in the magazine with the music playing in the background did I get the full sense of what this recording sets out to convey and achieves so admirably.

Treating this recording as an aural artistic licence of facts fictional and non fictional opens up the full spectrum of the ideas and to the outer nether regions its dedicated to. The music acts as a suitable catalyst for intelligent argument and debate. Whether or not you believe half of what is written, and the ideas being spouted, is all down to personal beliefs but one cannot help but raise a cheer for The English Heretic enterprise and their unique ambitious ongoing project. Knowing that there are people out there willing to challenge perceptions by releasing material that would not normally see the light of day almost makes you glad to be British.

By fighting against the tide of conformity, with head high and beliefs held close to their heart, English Heretic should be actively supported by those of you wanting to be educated and enlightened on subjects which you may know little about.


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