CDR: English Heretic [2005]

Temple Of Remembrance / Temple Of Asmodeus
Miasmis Apparition Of Margaret Wyard Above Framlingham Mere

Bloody fucking hell!! That was the words that I uttered when this CD, with accompanying booklet and booklet holder box, arrived at my doorstep. I was told to expect something big to arrive but never in my wildest dreams could I imagine what was to come. Bloody fucking hell!!

The English Heretic Collection is a combined CDand magazine that examines all manner of inter dimensional spaces and all things witchcraft related. If you’ve watched television lately or visited the local newsagent you’ll be acquainted with the weekly / monthly patchworks that threaten to take over the world. You know the stuff. Build a model radio controlled car over 100 issues at a cost of over £500.00 when you can buy a complete model for less than £70.00. Go figure. At least this collection will be a tad more substantial and actually worth collecting. The box to house the magazines and CDs could hold a brick. A beautiful black object of desire that’s suitable for its purpose.

The first magazine is titled ‘Curse of the Conqueror Worm’ and runs to 16 colour pages. Inside you’ll discover intriguing articles about the Black Plaque award to tragic filmmaker Michael Reeves, of 'Witchfinder General', and strange occurrences that happened during and after the film was made. This career high for Vincent Price, who ended up recording with Alice fucking Cooper as an all time low, still remains one of the truly great cult films of all time along side ‘The Wicker Man’ . I’ll not divulge any more but the magazine raises many questions which will make you re-think your views on the occult and strange phenomena. Suffice to say it makes an interesting read, no matter what your beliefs are, and will appeal across the board…and not just to the Fortean Times or Bizarre crowd.

Being a music review site though it’s the CD that comes with the magazine that will interest most people. The three tracks, spread over 17 minutes, are a weird mixture of experimental ambient and apocalyptic folk with samples culled from the films ‘Dracula AD 1972' & ‘The Devil Rides Out’. This strange mixture works perfectly taken into context with the written words within the magazine and is a perfect marriage of different mediums.

I have high hopes for the remainder of this series, which unfortunately the website doesn’t say how many parts there will be in total to complete the project, and at only £5.00 is a bargain not to be missed. My only concern would be that they end up cancelling the work due to indifference from ignorant people not willing to accept something so ultimately unique. Don’t let this happen. Free your mind and blow away the cobwebs of stale redundant thoughts and let the English Heretic Collection expand your worldly knowledge. You may not be converted to their way of thinking but it will give you a different viewpoint not often seen or discussed. The music is an added and welcome bonus to this thought provoking magazine.


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