CD: Emulsion IR0002 [2004]

Is Lust
Sonido Negro
Every Machine Makes A Mistake

This short, self-distributed releaseby Chicago-based solo artist Emulsion displays an impressively ecletic range of musical styles, and for only four US dollars (contact Emulsion directly), comes very highly recommended. The packaging, a simple card sleeve with artwork and design by John Bergen, is reminiscent at first glance of much of 4AD's back catalogue, but here the resemblance pretty much ends.

Track one is a cover of The Cure's 'Pornography', although in all honest I didn't even notice until I read the accompanying notes on Emulsion's website. Despite the clue in the lyrics. Emulsion's version hints at warped, dreamlike Americana, like M. Gira soundtracking a David Lynch movie. Track two, 'Is Lust', is a complete change of pace, an abrupt injection of hard, strange techno that would not be out of place on a Black Lung record. The remaining three tunes dip into eerie, organic atmospheres that will appeal to fans of Raison D'Etre and the Projekt label, although these tracks manage to convey a warmth and spaciousness at times that distinguish them from the cold and claustrophobic sounds of many European dark-ambient and isolationist projects.

It's an appealing sound and one that I'd like to hear more of. Top marks.



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