CD: Stridulum Recordings [2004]

Am I a coward when I fear death?
Hell is the other and the other is me.
In life there is nothing I fear more than death.
No talent for living.

Come close. Closer. Closer still. I want to tell you something. No-one must know about this. It’s just between you and me. Promise? Ellende are a closely guarded secret. Very few people have heard of them. A hidden gemstone if you like. A diamond shining at the bottom of a black pit of mediocrity. Undiscovered but for how long? I’m telling you this because I feel you, and only you, would appreciate this latest recording. "No talent for living" is a 40 minute black ambient masterpiece. What’s it really like though? Good question. Well…think of it as a leftfield experi-moodscape recording and you’ll kinda get my gist. Claustrophobic to the point of making your hairs in the back of your neck stand to attention. Don’t play it with the lights out. You may never recover from the experience. I know you’re into this sort of stuff. That’s why I’m telling you about it. But don’t you dare tell anyone else. Let’s keep Ellende to ourselves. You can keep a secret can’t you? By the way…why are we whispering?


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