CD: Yb70.11 [2004]

Time Machine
Cyclone Synthesis
Black Organs
Blood Flow
Song Of The Saws
Daily Hell
Broken Neurons

Elektroplasma's "Mechaniballs" on French label YB70 is an album that starts as it means to go on. Right from the outset the music attacks with a relentless torrent of beats and crackling distortion. There is no gentle introduction or steady build-up of pace; from beginning to end the whole thing is an adrenaline fuelled rollercoaster ride of powerful beats. 'Black Organs' however takes a particularly sinister twist with deliberately slowed down beats and wartime propaganda rally chants that eventually surrender to the onslaught of beats the other tracks succumbed to. Although this type of music can become quite repetitive in nature there is enough depth and variance here to give it a captivating and trance-inducing quality. It is definitely music that demands your attention and is not easily ignored.

In a live concert environment Elektroplasma must be an absorbing and completely submersive experience, such is the density of the enveloping sound they create. A word of warning though; if dancing is your thing, make sure you have plenty of Red Bull on hand before trying to step up and take on these guys! Tracks such as 'Time Machine', 'Blood Flow' and 'Daily Hell' are particularly good examples of the power and energy Elektroplasma create, barely pausing for breath before continuing their workout of noise infused layered beats.

"Mechaniballs" is energetic, relentless, uncompromising and completely absorbing. An album that demands that you listen but is easy to lose yourself in if you let it. Elektroplasma will be worth looking out for in the future if they produce more material of this quality.


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