2 x 3" CDr: CEE CEE03 [2003]
Ltd x 100



The latest release from Dual (Colin Bradley) is a live recording of their performance at the Drone Records festival at the Podewil, Berlin, Germany. It comes in a fantastic Dual (excuse the pun) mini CD box set with minimal packaging (well, what else!).

Disc 1
Opens with 'aringe' which consists of deep subterraneous oscillations. This develops in a controlled manner and leads naturally into track 2, '70dN.' This piece adopts a drop in pace with deep drone and low frequency oscillations generating a hypnotic soundscape with overlaying high frequency tones and complex staccato rhythms that lead perfectly into track 3, 'baanstan.' This is the outstanding track on this CD. Again there is clever use of high frequency tones over deep cavernous drone. There is a bit more happening here than in the previous two tracks. The drone subsides, allowing the rhythm to dominate for a while portraying a more confrontational side to Dual's personality.

Disc 2
Eerie percussive oscillations open the first track, 'cee.' These evolve gradually into deep cavernous drones and leads seamlessly into track 2 'mbe.' Although slightly more abrasive than the rest of the CD, this track adds great contrast to the other tracks on the cd. The final tack is 'rogacoln.' This is the outstanding track of the box set. It uses deep gong-like drone sounds (reminiscent of Köner) with course overlaying sounscapes which produce a rich industrial sound similar to Main. Like other Dual material there is clever use of Troum-like guitar samples and the overall product is fantastic.

This is a superb product from one of England’s finest experimental electronic outfits. I am already looking forward to the follow up release! Maybe there is a "Fall2" in the pipeline?



Direct Link: http://www.auralpressure.com/review/d/dual_fall.html

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